My Dates

This is the dates of my diary.

DatesMy days
1996-04-01Working consultant
2009-06-01 Dynamics CRM
A week of family doing skiing in Hemavan ⛷
2021-02-15 Work daytime, work evening.
2021-02-16 AM My “small” stroke.
2021-02-16 PM My “monumental” stroke. Surgery by the top doctors at Karolinska Sjukhus (KS).
Still at KS. No memories for me.
2021-02-19 Back to Danderyds Sjukhus, my new life starts.
Living at Avdelning 73, DS. Getting slowly better. Realize who I am. Don’t speak anything working.
2021-02-27Enjoying Scottish Summit, but I should have been there…
2021-03-01 Moved to Avdelning 84, DS. Starting rehab.
Every day I get better. Speaking anything, 5%. Working out gym, body getter stronger.
2021-03-08Worrying about the neck and blood. X-ray and everything look good.
2021-03-25 Move home to with and family.
I’m “free”, work some in the garden.
Rehab at DS for most days.
2021-04-21Worry over throat blood vessel, spend 7 hrs in Avd 73 and x-ray. Everything is good.
2021-04-23Checking my eyes at KS. Pretty good.
2021-05-04First vaccine for COVID, Phizer right arm.
2021-05-21Meeting KS, only x-ray and I hear nothing.
Using bicycle to bus every day and shopping a few.
2021-06-06Bicycle 10km, then workout home.
2021-06-07Fall on the bike, really small fall, but it got me scared.
2021-06-15Second vaccine for full COVID, Phizer right arm.
My right hand and arm are getting worse. A lot change my right.
2021-06-17X-ray right arm and my brain. Every looked good.
2021-06-21Meeting with CRMK colleagues, with DS work and aphasia therapists.
2021-06-30Meeting Tonus doctor to see what we need for my leg and arm. Nothing for now.
2021-07-06Checking ny eyes again at KS. Still okey.
2021-07-09Right hand a lot worse. A test used to be done in 40-50 seconds, now took 7:40 minutes.
2021-07-20Meet Aleris doctor about my right foot big toe. Nothing right now.
2021-07-31Right hand is getting worse and worse.
2021-08-09Trying to find doctor, need to talk about my hand that is worse.
2021-08-11Meeting doctor and my trainer. Hand checked. It goes bad right now.
2021-08-24Meeting neuro doctor after 6 months at KS. Checking my hand, can’t understand it… More tests!
2021-08-26Meet Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and my work CRMK and DS, to decide how to get me back to work.
2021-09-01Meet Tonus doctor.
2021-09-01Visit Alma school if I should start there.
2021-09-05Got a Magnetic resonance imaging of my brain and right arm.
2021-09-06Meet KS neuro doctor who saved me 16 Feb. See the x-rays of my brain. I love him.

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