I know my pre-stroke.
Today I work what I am.
Tomorrow I work what I was.

16 February 2021, I got the stroke.
19 February 2021, I woke up to a new life.

I know who I was, before the stroke.

I can’t get back to me before,
but I know who I was,
and that is my goal,
and then I aim higher.

Join me and my history, my today, and my future.

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My Documents

  • Part 6: Aphasia fixing it
    Jonas Rapp – STROKE Part 6: * Aphasia fixing it * School / Rehab * What I need * Names is harder * Don’t be quiet
  • Part 5 – My Challenges
    Jonas Rapp – STROKE Part 5: * My Challenges * I’m still Jonas * Aphasia shall be fixed * Very lucky guy * Brain Windows
  • Part 4 – My World Friends
    Jonas Rapp – STROKE Part 4: * My Worlds Friends * MVP Heroes * I Talk. Talk and talk. * Avd.84 – Start work. * Exercise from home

My Writes

  • Faith Walk
    The last half minute of the episode, it broke me. Had walked 4.5 km, and I had to sit. Wherever. And I cried.
  • Bike
    Enjoying the gym, but hate the bike.
  • Don’t give up
    Every now and then, I just hate the workout and fixing my body. It doesn’t get better. At all.

My Journals

  • Read the Techy Techs
    There is aphasia in me, saying the words I know for many of years make it hard. This is me trying for the first time – and read it to you.
  • My First Savior
    On a day this week, the therapist Mi asked me to record my talking about anything.
  • 24 June 2021 – promise
    Mom happy birthday 💖 5 weeks vacation I promise 🤞

My Teasers

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