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I know my pre-stroke.
Today I work what I am.
Tomorrow I work what I was.

16 February 2021, I got the stroke.
19 February 2021, I woke up to a new life.

I know who I was, before the stroke.

I can’t get back to me before,
but I know who I was,
and that is my goal,
and then I aim higher.

Join me and my history, my today, and my future.

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My Documents

  • Part 7 – Chat with Heidi, 11 years of stroke
    Jonas Rapp – STROKE Part 7: We have a chat with Jonas Rapp and Heidi Neuhauser. Heidi got her stroke at 29 years old, and Jonas got it half year ago. We talk about our problems we have had and which we still have.
  • Part 6 – Aphasia fixing it
    Jonas Rapp – STROKE Part 6: * Aphasia fixing it * School / Rehab * What I need * Names is harder * Don’t be quiet
  • Part 5 – My Challenges
    Jonas Rapp – STROKE Part 5: * My Challenges * I’m still Jonas * Aphasia shall be fixed * Very lucky guy * Brain Windows

My Writes

  • 👁️👁️ is ok!
    After my stroke the eyes have been changed a bit. People getting the type of my stroke usually get changed even more after a few months…
  • Walk my dying body
    On the 16 February 2021, many (way way too many) pieces were buried in my black part of my brain. They were dead, or really close to be dead.
  • Correct
    Always correct language, is so important for me. With my own flavor words and my own ideas to my sentence, but alway correct.

My Journals

  • Read the Techy Techs
    There is aphasia in me, saying the words I know for many of years make it hard. This is me trying for the first time – and read it to you.
  • My First Savior
    On a day this week, the therapist Mi asked me to record my talking about anything.
  • 24 June 2021 – promise
    Mom happy birthday 💖 5 weeks vacation I promise 🤞

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