I’m Ok To Go

In lately 1990, I but a DVD movie called “Contact”.

I got it from my uncle who got it, but didn’t have any DVD player.

So, I got a movie.

The email I got yesterday from J, one of my all friends in the world. It is crazy that I really think that I have all these friends, in the big world. Wow. Who know?? Well I didn’t.

Anyway, J wants to help me, even it’s really difficult to do anything for me now. Sure, can you give me a shot of neurothingy in my arm and perhaps a small shot in between my ears, sure!

It means to me so much, I know. Just saying “Hey, how are you?”

So I say to him: “I’m ok to go!“. For really.

Every person gives me energy, and want me to continue. Work work work.

I don’t work every day. Today I don’t work out and don’t try to write with a pen and a right hand. I did yesterday, for 1½ characters before I quit it. Today I watch Olympics and the Swedish (well sort of) pole vaulter Armand Duplantis. And I write “this”, for I honestly have to.

Swedish flag. And me.

To J’s reply, I feel to be important that “I’m ok to go”. I know I have a lot of shit to work with it, and many things don’t have come the what I have expected to get better. Some are hard.

The memory that it remembers, the way Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) tells the rest of the world, that she is ok to go.

The movie Contact was the best movie, to me, 20+ years back. And still is.

It filmed after the Carl Sagan book, which was great. Carl was too sadly based away before the movie was finished, and the movie of course as “For Carl” in the beginning.

Carl Sagan is a super hero, after me as a kid. His tv series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” even came to Sweden far away, and make me start to love space. Read the book “Cosmos” time for time also my dad, Anders, too loving this space sagas of the future and the history…

You have to love Carl for his all that he shared from the small techy scientific, to the world.

Contact – I’m Ok To Go

The movie was not about cool spacy and shooting and anything Star Trek or Star Wars or anything.

They were about stretch our thoughts, of space and gods and our dreams of ideas about other worlds out there.

They energize the thoughts.

From Arroway with very scientific, no way to any god, with Palmer Joss (Matthew McConaughey) who was really strange – a priest. Of course there was a little love between them. But it is less love in the movie, but a lot more about how they think and thought about the live and soul, am I only just my brain and die to be earth and dust, of is there anything more? More to our life – how do we seen it, how do we know about it…?

Ellie loves the space and the Arecibo Observatory and sciences and talk talk about it forever, and Palmer ask about soul and where they are related to space and forever, and where does The God is…?

I love the thoughts.

The brain needs challenge!

I won’t say more – you go see the movie!

I hate all new challenges. I don’t need them. I didn’t get them for anything. They just happened. They just happened to me. I want the challenges, but it should have been the ones I already had… We want to except the world, the god, the my own god, the something that some thing anything to something for me. Whatever…

But it is the me. Just accept me.

If you can hear me…
…I’m Ok To Go


I am ok. Really.

It is crazy many new things to challenge, every day.

This gets the focus to the things that crap on me. But there are good things too in me.

As you may have seen I say it in a video or wrote it the blog – the first thing I found about me:

I want brain to get working.

If that brain works,

then or the body works too,

that is a bonus.

Olympic Gold! 🥇

And the best is that Armand (grown up in US) was actually speaking Swedish is the interview! 😊

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