• Milestone
    September is here. Summer is gone. 2021 sucks. I want to end it. Now. Well not me, but the year.
  • I’m Speaking Again
    After 8 months of stroke – I will be speaking again! This time I will not be a techy-talker. I will talk about myself.
  • Half year
    Half year as post-stroke. How was pro-stroke? Do I care? Move on.
  • I’m Ok To Go
    I’m ok to go! They energize the thoughts. I love the thoughts. The brain needs challenge!
  • Faith Walk
    The last half minute of the episode, it broke me. Had walked 4.5 km, and I had to sit. Wherever. And I cried.
  • Bike
    Enjoying the gym, but hate the bike.
  • Don’t give up
    Every now and then, I just hate the workout and fixing my body. It doesn’t get better. At all.
  • Avoid
    On the 16 of February, my wife Linda bought me the book… today she gave it too me after 5 months.
  • One word
    Find next word. How the sounds? I try to find the spelling. Write. Rewind. Listen again.
  • Not funny
    I always want to feel me better. Sometimes I accept status que. But it is now getting worse.
  • Wiggle
    In the beginning of My New Life, a wake up with a shitty body. Well I was better, because I had a working left leg and a left arm. The Bride had no working legs.
  • My First Savior
    On a day this week, the therapist Mi asked me to record my talking about anything.
  • Grammar
    I’ve loved my grammars. It is actually a love and hate relationship. I love to know the rules, I love to break of the rules, by making my mind by only Jonas’ meaning.
  • Father
    I had worked for my entire life, at least since I was 23 years. I have worked and loved as a father.
  • Office – I need it
    I’m getting there next week. Or next month. Or next a few months. Or something else.
  • Emojis – 🙏 don’t just pray
    Over all the time you have many many family, people close, people really far but still close. From the first thank you, it was most like emojis:
  • Training – used all fun, now it’s lethal
    It is now change. I have to I must do training. A lot. Every day. No stop. All go. No fear.
  • Blogging – it’s hard but needed
    So typing my words are hard. But I have to.

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