• Complex Relationship
    I went to the gym yesterday. My relationship is complex. To my wife, everything is great. But with myself… How do we handle that? No idea…
  • Rebecca & Fiona – New release
    Why did they give the name “Greatest Tits”? Who the hell doesn’t love tits? Four songs spanning over three decades; this is a collection, and the name is obvious in our world.
  • Two years after my stroke
    730 days. 104 weeks. 24 months. 2 years. So, what has happened this last year? tl;dr – nothing happened, move on, nada to read about. Bye gone. Or…?
  • Spaces & Articulation & Friends
    The best of a conference is not being at the conference. The best of a conference is after the conference.
  • Scary evening
    Tuesday 9 August – It was scary. Am I getting a new stroke? Why? How? Why this new thing? Or is it all in my head…
  • I’m Back
    I now truly dare to say – I’m back again. Not back as “100% me” as I was, but I like the same things, and more importantly, I know what I knew.
  • Accept = Hate + Love
    Accept… …I hate that word. Well, maybe I love it too. The word “Accept” feels exactly like “Failure”. I accept the situation I have right now. The scary word – Accept – is slowly growing in me.
  • Dress Rehearsal at CRMK
    Why is it a dress rehearsal? It’s only to me, not to these all colleagues. They don’t try to achieve anything. And they shouldn’t! I will (hope) get back to work in May. Only at 25%, start slowly, to see what I can and do, what I can add…
  • I died a bit, one year ago
    Day Zero to Day 365. I have had a gigantic event; the stroke changed my life. What has happened in a short forever year? This is my personal story and a recap of a full year.
  • Runish, sort of…
    I ran today. Stay focus.
  • Up & Down
    Afternoon, usually I’m up. Other times, I never know, I am maybe, I am probably, I’m down.
  • 👁️👁️ is ok!
    After my stroke the eyes have been changed a bit. People getting the type of my stroke usually get changed even more after a few months…
  • Walk my dying body
    On the 16 February 2021, many (way way too many) pieces were buried in my black part of my brain. They were dead, or really close to be dead.
  • Correct
    Always correct language, is so important for me. With my own flavor words and my own ideas to my sentence, but alway correct.
  • Talk & Present
    I have seen many presentations and seen even more PowerPoints over many years. I desperately need PowerPoint to be ‘less is more’, or will start to break my brain now!
  • Clear Eyes
    It is now on my wall. Good color, text from my PowerPoint, and with only unchecked – yet. I need to focus.
  • Milestone
    September is here. Summer is gone. 2021 sucks. I want to end it. Now. Well not me, but the year.
  • I’m Speaking Again
    After 8 months of stroke – I will be speaking again! This time I will not be a techy-talker. I will talk about myself.
  • Half year
    Half year as post-stroke. How was pro-stroke? Do I care? Move on.
  • I’m Ok To Go
    I’m ok to go! They energize the thoughts. I love the thoughts. The brain needs challenge!
  • Faith Walk
    The last half minute of the episode, it broke me. Had walked 4.5 km, and I had to sit. Wherever. And I cried.
  • Bike
    Enjoying the gym, but hate the bike.
  • Don’t give up
    Every now and then, I just hate the workout and fixing my body. It doesn’t get better. At all.
  • Avoid
    On the 16 of February, my wife Linda bought me the book… today she gave it too me after 5 months.
  • One word
    Find next word. How the sounds? I try to find the spelling. Write. Rewind. Listen again.
  • Not funny
    I always want to feel me better. Sometimes I accept status que. But it is now getting worse.
  • Wiggle
    In the beginning of My New Life, a wake up with a shitty body. Well I was better, because I had a working left leg and a left arm. The Bride had no working legs.
  • My First Savior
    On a day this week, the therapist Mi asked me to record my talking about anything.
  • Grammar
    I’ve loved my grammars. It is actually a love and hate relationship. I love to know the rules, I love to break of the rules, by making my mind by only Jonas’ meaning.
  • Father
    I had worked for my entire life, at least since I was 23 years. I have worked and loved as a father.
  • Office – I need it
    I’m getting there next week. Or next month. Or next a few months. Or something else.
  • Emojis – 🙏 don’t just pray
    Over all the time you have many many family, people close, people really far but still close. From the first thank you, it was most like emojis:
  • Training – used all fun, now it’s lethal
    It is now change. I have to I must do training. A lot. Every day. No stop. All go. No fear.
  • Blogging – it’s hard but needed
    So typing my words are hard. But I have to.

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