Yesterday I went to the locally gym, Friskis&Svettis. It was great! It, not like I always was there, before…

But it was great to bet back there, working my body, for me.

Of course, I did not drive there (no car, still) and I didn’t bicycle (stopped dare it) and I didn’t walk (3km away). Of course, my wife Linda drove me there, and then 90 minuts later she came back to take me home.

Not getting there on my own, that’s sad and annoying and frustrated, for both me and Linda (but she doesn’t complain).

So today I bring the bike again, just to try it to see if it could work.

I tie the shoes (took same minutes), but on the helmet (and do the safety… damn), and try to put an my right leg. I have to start with the right, since I have stand on the ‘safe’ leg, which is the left I need in the floor.

I was ‘on’ the bike. Put on my right hand on the handlebars. There. Start with the left pedal, get some moving…

Right foot just doesn’t do what it should. And the right hand just sits there, I can’t move it.

The bike is already parked there, again.

Let’s see to try it next time, which will be one month, or two, or next year.

After leaving my bike, again, I just wanted a big ass drink and don’t do the bike or not train or anything, and have the drink.

No no, of course I did not drink.

I went for an hour of a walk.

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