Training – used all fun, now it’s lethal

I used to love trainings.
Whenever I want to train, I did them. I run, gym, bicycle, rollerblades and Friskis & Svettis or yoga.
All fun, and nothing I had to do.


It is now change.

I have to – it is even lethal – I must do training.
A lot.
Every day.

Not fun

And it’s not very fun training.

I never ever had to train, I did it when it was fun, for me and only my want it.
If I didn’t, I was any okey.


This morning I did a 10 minutes yoga. Following this on YouTube, and doing the very simple. It is very like the things you do, yoga is what I and everone to do now of wherever.

Yoga is good to move me a bit.
Yoga is very good finding my bodys not working the ways I used.

This looks the best. Don’t see the rest…

I feels I don’t train for fun.

I train for the lethal life for my myself.

No stop. All go. No fear.

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