Clear Eyes

I have a visualizing My Goal. Something that’s a good tip from Paddy Byrne at Scottish Summit – only one week after my stroke, in February 2021.

It is now on my wall. Good color, text from my PowerPoint, and with only unchecked – yet.

It is very good to keep the goal, when I just feel “F*ck it all, I never want to, I never will anyway – get real you idiot!

The wall is there, the wall is right. It knows more than I do.

The first check is to talk at the conference in South Coast Summit. Less than two weeks from now… I know what to do, some small fixing of the deck, and check the times.

Still I am worried – will I go by a plane? Will I feel ok? Damn, I have flying so many times… Why am I nerves this time?

Well, I do not control everything. Not even of me and my self. I don’t know how I feel next week. Not even tomorrow morning! I hate that.

A few days back I woke up and felt bad in more ways. I spend the day in the hospital, and some x-ray etc… All is good, the docs say. I’m ok to go, still. (see the dates)

I need to focus.

Clear Eyes

Full Heart

Can’t Lose

Friday Night Lights

I want to know everything I can about me. And I hate not knowing. No one know what is happening to my right hand. Nothing about my shoulder. Nothing about my foot. And even worse – 0.0 persons, including me and doc pros, knows what is happen in my brain.

The only thing I can do, is to focus, to listen to myself, to be smart. Remember I need much sleep. Remember I can’t sit too long at the screen. Take slow walks.

Be smart, Jonas.
Open your eyes.
Let your heart live.
Stay focus.

I can’t lose.

Come and see me in South Coast Summit and hear me talk – you will see my thought about Can’t Lose!

This is the best from my play 2021 – weird on Spotify. Some is old and some are not very good, but this always makes me do one more reps (of what I am doing with).


This is my goal, for now.

First thing on: Go to Southampton and talk about me.
Second: Go to Glasgow and talk about anything techy.
Third and fourth are extremely small. Have dinner and run a small jog.

That was never NEVER anything on a “to do”.

Now it is gigantic.

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