Not funny

I shall to by improving.

I always want to feel me better.

Sometimes I accept status que.

But it is now getting worse.

Wiggle You the Coffee

The same wiggle goes on with the hand.

  1. Aiming for my hand.
  2. Trying to get the cup.
  3. To get it up. To air!
  4. Hit my mouth.
  5. Pour it down.
  6. Put the cup down and don’t lose it.


After the breakfast coffee, I hung the laundry. Actually one of a few helps to our house (this me sucks me now). Using an outside “torkvinda” (in Swedish, Google try it as “drying woman” 🙄) the dryings are high…

The clothespin (sorry I don’t know many of these words, Google do it!) I decide to use my right hand with all of them.

I need a break
I need to sleep,
I need my right to do nothing for a week.


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