Office – I need it

I was at the CRMK office this week.

I am getting back there.

I’m getting there next week. Or next month. Or next a few months. Or something else.

But you may sure believe this:

I am getting back.


My brain wants to be there. It wants to be there, to get this brain be mixing with the techy things, it knows so much, and wants to create, fix bugs, think about the big logical and the free images, and wants to talk the techy things with the techy friends that work there… or whenever…

I actually miss
this work place.


When I was there, we also got two “teachers” from the Danderyd Rehab. They were there to “check” Jonas’ job, to see if is a place that is okey to “test” me to do a little tiny work, one day…

Of course my CRMK (well it’s not “my” company, but still…) they where both impressed how our people and the soul we have in CRMK, but also that them want to have me “in the office”, even if I don’t ever “build”, just being there would be nice…

Well okey, I know I will start begin “built” at one day… hopefully!

All good

So it’s all going!

The way it should, according to my – I like it!

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