Runish, sort of…

I was out today, walked 5-6 km, love the snow, and even the forest.

The forest.

I ran today. That’s crazy. Very.

I ran today.

Ok, I did a very very small and a very very gently run. But still – a run.

Can you see it here?

There I ran.

Nope. Noone in this world can evidence anything, since I did it when the street was empty, and I had 100% focus to stay up, and my phone didn’t take any pics.

I tried 8 or 10 times. I ran max 10 steps a time.
But I ran.

I am way not as so good as I was this spring (see the video running last spring), 16 May last year, exactly 3 months after my stroke.

I have a lot to work still. But my leg is now actually going in the right direction…

Keep working.

Stay focus.

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