I’m Speaking Again

After 8 months of Stroke.

After 2 years of Covid.

I Will Be Talking Again.

At the big technical conference on October 16 in south England, I will be there.

And I will speak.

The South Coast Summit will be the first after Covid for Microsoft techy conference in England. Or Europe. Or the World. Or even Universe.

I’m used to be at those sessions, talking about my techies all the days, and probably all the nights too.

This time I will not be a techy-talker.

I will talk about myself.

After the experience of living with stroke, I have so much more to talk about than only the techys.

It also makes the talking so much harder.

My foot is not working.
My hand is all dead to me.
Can I set the belt seat on the flight?
Do I get dressed on before my session?
How do I climb up to the stage?
And how do I click next slide?

The body is my sh*t cr*p body, but that will never stop me. The body is the easy problem.

But speaking, on the stage, for all peoples. Not even in my Swedish, but in your English.
That’s hard.

And I have Aphasia.

After my stroke and aphasia on 16 February 2021, I could not talk anything, in any language. Even longer after the stroke came and gone – it’s still like someone has stolen all my synonyms.

Someone stole my synonyms.

I want the thesaurus.com.

On the Saturday 16 October 2021 it will be my huge challenge – to talk.

I have loved speaking to people, let them know what I know, and sharing the techy worlds.

I still love to share. I will show you how I have gone from no words, into a few. How do I be happy with only a few words, when I always loved ALL words?

How do I work? How do I say everything I have to share? When will it get back to my brain?

Come to my session

If you come there, I will be super nervous.
And super happy do see you.

I will be very glad if you want to hear my journey into the New Life.

Come to meet me

I and my wife, Linda, will be in Southampton from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, and we are staying at the Hilton at Ageas Bowl.

Come join us for a chat and/or a beer! 😊

My session

See the details for the session below.

Date2021-10-16 (also for strange people: 16.10.21, 10.16.21, etc)
Time15:00 – 15:40 (3 PM)
VenueBallroom A
Link https://www.southcoastsummit.com/
TitleMy journey back to life after the stroke
InfoI am Jonas.
I was a coder, a colleague, knowing the all, a presenter, a happy player, and a MVP.
I was a runner and an active, sporty guy and an excellent skier.
8 months ago, I got a stroke.
It removed everything from me. Everything.
Since 16 February, the journey back to a normal life is long. Lots of work work work, to get back everything I remember.
The stroke hit me physically.
And it hit my communication.
I woke up without being able to talk, read or write. I got aphasia.
These 8 months have shown me a new life, new experience, new lights to the bigger world outside, and to the inside of my brain and my soul.
Join me on my way back to life and work.
This is my journey.
This is my story.

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