Faith Walk

Woke up, with the same body. Brain all sure, anyway.

Like my body I don’t want to work with the body, would be so much better to sit and watch tv och any better would be sitting with my laptop and to things.

But I know, I know. I should, I shall do anything with the body. I know.

Yesterday gym, today 1 of August I’m go for a walk 🚶‍♂️

So annoying with all things of body not doing it should. The right foot and my right knee and my right hip – ever to the right have nothing but wrong. Nothing is right, on the right. And guess how right hand, right arm, right shoulder has any right? No, only wrong.

After a few hundred I was ready to turn back home. I need a wheelchair instead 👨‍🦽

I try to continue, by putting on a pod to listen to and think a whenever instead of my f*cking body.

So I fount Gus, be can always trust Gus, he like to talk and talk and talk about anything, but most about the Microsoft and Dynamics and Power Platform… always something to hear.

Well actually it I have anything to say, I usually disagree with him… when it is techy. Well other things too, like how love guns and big ass cars. The way he laughs about my own silly thing how I am afraid of guns and would rather be without any car and so on…

But it’s funny, being two extreme guys have some fun too, where we have met every once year or so.

So he is talking on and on, I try to focus actually listen, and sometimes I do.

It’s also like Gus is so more like “America” from everywhere. The BIG of everything and always knowing everything. Of the feeling. Well except the he is not from the US, but from Venezuela. Who know!?

The guy on CRM MVP Podcast talks and talks in Episode 107: Who is the father of Dynamics CRM/365? that I found, more than an hour. Some fun, many just me getting distract from body shit. That’s good, since it takes me forever to walk.

My walk.

After about 4 km walk, he starts about Satya (I think he is always “first name” to you 🤔) and how he did great things about Dynamics etc. Quite fun 🙂

And the best was of course to hear him about the MVP Summit, we get to every year (well not now during Covid) meet them there, all MVPs on Redmond, WA, USA. And some people know (of guess) that upstairs of us Business Applications MVP, in building XXX on XXXXXXXX. Sorry, we can’t say, and we can “DO NOT TAKE ANY PICTURE!!” 🤐

It is a really good time over there. 2019 is last time we got there, so far…

The last half minute of the episode, it broke me.

Had walked 4.5 km, and I had to sit. Wherever.

And I cried.

I have still never cried from of bad things that had given me. It’s just waste. So I still have not.

But Gus put just 20 seconds of thinking of the ME, and he is hoping for me to get better of my stroke.

That make me cry.

The joy I hear from that the far US-guy and my MVP friend, I didn’t expect it to come. Well not because on Gus being Gus, but because we have basically not chat or anything else for the year, or so.

Getting to understand that people all over the world, that means everything to me.

After a while, I wipe off and get walking.

Really the foots were a bit unsure, but definitely with more in my soul.

The L’Apogée of the Sexion d’Assaut gave me the rest and the power I needed for the last 1.5 km. Great music for the feels.

I got home, with a bit more of I’m getting back!

It’s a Faith Walk today.

Okey, I still don’t have any gods so far, sorry for the stroke-thing, none god still found. I’m very good without gods yet, I love people enough for me.

But I have my faith.


Gus Gonzalez
CRM MVP Podcast
Episode 107: Who is the father of Dynamics CRM/365?

Okey, I continue cry a little now and then, because friends care me.

4 thoughts on “Faith Walk

  1. Great post and good to see you where able to, that’s even longer than the most our trips out in the mountains. Keep up the good work.

    1. I f-ing get there. Okey it may be without my body anyway, but I will be back 😉

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