My First Savior

My day 4 July 2021

On a day this week, the therapist Mi asked me to record my talking about anything. This is what she wants to compare from a record of me from early in April. In April I was very new to the aphasia, and now was Mi starting to fix me.

Okey, I like to talk, and with a mic it’s fun to do!
We’ll decide to do it on the Friday.

Met Malin

On the Friday got into Mi’s room, her other colleague Malin was also there, to my surprise.
Malin was my therapist for my speaking problems. That is when I was in the “Avdelning 84“, there I lived in the hospital an 1-25 March.

She was my first person looking to get back to the world, by starting saying things little:

Jonas, blue, red, green, cat, dog, Linda, son, daughter…

…and so on. That’s day one, and many more since we are not too fast to get language working.

To me, I know that she loves her work with the energy and interest, and get back every day with new energy, in talk to my, and all she working with, and she is my first savior. Of many other, after her.


This was now a big nervous before talk. Or well, not nervous really, since those two listening were my friends and there both want we to get better.

I was talking about my book, the Alchemists by Paolo Coelho, and even though I had only read 20 pages, it is slow with the aphasia thing, I talk about my thoughts, my ideas, my guess, and my feels or the Paolo.


After that we discussed me how I think about how I prepare it or how my plan was.
What’s more interesting for me is how they thought about my playing it. Did you understand it? Did you enjoy it? Did you notice I have an aphasia?

To me it is so very important to replace one word, that I can now find it this minute, with other word in a split second, and getting the really other word that is meaning the same and replacing so fast that you don’t know it did happen.


is My Challenge.


When they listened to my talk, I think (or hope) that they never saw me replace words.

I know I did it, but hope the words I send as replaced, with any good I could not find them.

Well, I did have a word and I could not say properly “exhibitionist”. Or I thought so.
Just to prove the replacing word, I can’t say the word, and use some other words, which I did.
Too bad, they said I pronounce “exhibitionist” it perfect… 🙄

I Reach

The old savior Malin, she tells me how she listened to me, and around half way through she realized “hey, you are aphasia!” without first thinking about it.

That is super much for me to hear!

She is a pro language,
speaker, aphasia,
and she even knows me!

And heard me just speaks
and she listen to me.

I know she was touch at this moment. A little goosebump and a tiny unseeable cry at the far right.

Video – Journal

My Journal 4 July 2012 – My First Savior

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