Always correct language, is so important for me.

With my own flavor words and my own ideas to my sentence, but alway correct.

And now today with my [shit crap ass] aphasia I can’t have the energy or the time to be right and 100% correct.

I always think that what I wrote this second, is needed to be ok, and I need to move on.

This version is enough, as long as people understands my meaning.

I can’t proofreading my own text…

…since I really can’t read my written.

It’s good enough.

For now.

That’s my life today.

I have to accept it for now.

I do. But I hate it.

I get help from my friends or my wife or my kids or my colleagues, with some sentences are not understanding, and is very good. I thank you all 🙏

It is needed for every one getting my text, but even more I need my tips to learn… Since I am now again a small child at learning language. Again, after 40-ish years.

They give tips for my blogs here, my website pages, my technician blogs and me tools that are documented. This is all needed for me.

I am annoying me misses, my readers not getting my meaning.

I have to fix it, and I don’t have the time.

I really don’t want to. But I want to look correct.

I shall fix it.

I shall get better, to proofread myself a bit more.

I’m getting better.

I can, I want to, I have to.

But I hope you will like my texts, today.

Aphasia takes time.

6 thoughts on “Correct

  1. You are so inspiring to all who know and love you Jonas. ❤️ you will get there. You will. 🥰

    1. As always – Thanks!! 🙏
      I know I get better, I just hate all the time it takes… 🙄 (and work)

    1. Of course Swedish is easier… But also hard. English is harder, since I don’t “think” in English that much. Work more than in Swedish. Sort of.

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