In the beginning of My New Life, a wake up with a shitty body.

Just like me, then The Bride (Uma Thurman, movie Kill Bill vol 1) was also wake up with a shitty body.

Well I was better, because I had a working left leg and a left arm. The Bride had no working legs.

You tell the brain to send information from the brain, all time down to the big toe, to get them wiggle a bit.

After that is done, then just get the other toes to do the same things…

Wiggle Your Big Toe, YouTube by Mark Baker

After that, this is what The Bride does.

I guess I have a bit more to work this fixed…

Well no, it is not what I want to be, promise.

I try to use my brain to till it to start working.

But it requires a lot more.

2 thoughts on “Wiggle

  1. Keep on fighting! I’m Reading every post and every sign of progress is one step closer to a full recovery. Looking forward to it!

    1. Then it may be many posts added until I am full recovery… 😉
      Or ever!

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