I had worked for my entire life, at least since I was 23 years. I have worked and loved as a father.


My first son Rasmus was waiting in the mother’s belly this summer of ’94, with 🇸🇪 Sweden in the crazy footballs on World Cup over in the USA… we got a 🥉 bronze…

Well, from that summer, I have been dad after ’94.

Lukas came close in 96, then Love in 2001 and finally my daughter Cassiopeia in 2003.

Rasmus and new Lukas

So is my live as an adult I have worked all my life.


❤️ Love is loved of course, but his name of Vala like ‘Loke’ of ‘Oden’ etc.

✨ And the Cassiopeia is of course a ‘W’ constellation, we can all see my daughter up there on a light skies night.

👶 Rasmus and Lukas – well there are very ‘normal’ kids names – that’s it!


At my stroke hit me, my three boys where an ready adult and moved, and my little girl was 17 years and 11 months… And she got 18, a grow woman, even before I got back from the hospital.

I have been the father for all, and they all four are ready to fly away from me, and with they have own thoughts and ideas and wills.

They are very on their own and being big children – which of course is so lucky, for a father.

My brain had did it. Now brain was done, and need a reboot. 🤯 and got a black and void and reset and start over.


I got the kids grow up. I did it, I got the student, the certification, approved, my kids gave my proof for my life as my grown up.

Jonas, students 1990

Time for reset. Time to do a back to kindergarten and a speed redoing everything, well at least talking, languages, writing and reading. And going to a new gym.

Time for reset.

Back to kindergarten.

Do a speed redoing.

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