Half year

16 August 2021.

I have count on every month, so far.

I have now today, half a year after my stroke.

Half year, now I can’t count months anymore.

Next will be one year.

16 February 2022 is next to aim for.

The half year is big, and it means a lot.

Half a year is huge, I am half a year. I’m new.

Half year is also sad. I know me pre-stroke. Of course I miss me pre-stroke.

How did I get it. The post-stroke. Why?

We don’t know. We will never know.

I might hate why.
I might hate me.
I might hate e v e r y t h i n g.

Nothing helps by hate everything.

I have a Life.

The only thing I know, is life is precious.

Have only to accept, understand life, get it going on.

Move on.

Half year, moving on.

Time to live.

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