I love grammar.

I’ve loved my grammars. It is actually a love and hate relationship. I love to know the rules, but I love to break of the law, when I want my own sense and idea of all the words that becomes making my mind by only Jonas’ meaning.


I always knew the grammar in my youth, the teacher told me, I’m sure…

I always knows nothing if the grammar as an adult, I still know that.

But also I can ‘feel’ that in right or wrong, when the text and wordings are coming out created in me… ish 🙄.

And then I use the rules, only when I feel and want to.

Will I don’t love all the grammar, and I definitely don’t know the all the correct and accurate for the rules, but I love my saying the words and sentences and paragraphs, that get my own becomes as a personal of my created.


This is what I write, it is wrote with only half the words I before.

This is creating from me a few days back.

See it here: Father

I had worked for my entire life, at least since I was 23 years. I have worked and loved as a father.
He in the age would never write it even at his 18 years. Today I did it.

I love my own grammar.

And I’ve lost it now.

Having my stroke and aphasia it’s hard. I now do write things. But works are missing from me, and after getting some words that made sentences, it actually gets harder more to read what I wrote. And some times I do not read it to made


I like to create. As you know. Even I like to excogitate (found it on Google Translate 🙄) my own words, that property don’t really exist. Yet.

But there are mine, and they are needed to write my things. How would I otherwise wrote my brain and my heard without my words?

Today I actually feel more that I’m wonder if words, like for example ‘excogitate’, are really words, or if I’m don’t know what is real and what is fiction.

Lost and Found

Writing is slowly getting better… The words are slowly known me better, and me is knowing those words better…

But if I don’t read what I write, I now know it gets ugly. I shall always check what I wrote. Does it make a sentence? If not, it is not just about Jonas’ Unlaw Grammars. I cannot be a rogue unlaw Jonas until I know grammar properly before I can know to break the rules.

When I’m creating a purpose I am on a…

…keyboard words from wrong hand.

…pen & paper a read is not readable.

I do know the grammars, I believe. But I have to really think about them, since I make it ugly too easily when I just write and write, without reading and listen to my sentence.


Doing write, doing talks, it helps me.
Doing read, that is our holy.
Take the time.
Don’t think too little.
Think more.
Take it slow, for now.
Every time I think, I grow.

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